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and our vision...

   We see SO MUCH in store for Possibility Studios! We see ourselves becoming a big part of the community here in Kingston. With the economy like it’s been and real estate and workspace at a premium, we see ourselves as a good place for our members to come use the tools and work on those projects that need just a bit more room or perhaps an expensive "one-off" tool.


   With funding for things like shop-class and art being cut from our schools, we see ourselves providing a safe place to teach interested young (and young at heart!) people the value of making things with their hands. We see ourselves reaching out into the community to participate in major events and to raise support for, and awareness of, the things that matter most to our members. 

   But most of all we see Possibility Studios becoming a community in and of itself, with members of all ages and interests. A community of makers, builders and artists working together, sharing ideas, and getting things done! We need YOU to join us!

   As word gets out, we envision the pooled talents of our growing membership to become a great resource for everyone! In addition to the obvious SELF-DIRECTED PROJECTS of our  members bringing their own ideas to life,  we hope to also provide:


From Boy and Girl Scout Troops to Summer Camps to Religious and Community Groups, we see the Studio becoming a safe place for kids to come and learn and work on projects of all kinds. 


From holiday races and parade days, festivals and farmer's markets, to our favorite-- Halloween! We hope Possibility Studios will become an active presence at these events; one that people will look forward to each year.


We’ve found that many women aren’t necessarily confident using certain tools and accomplishing certain tasks that could save them money  and lead to greater independence. We hope the Studio becomes an inviting and unintimidating place to learn all manner of things from changing out an electrical box or water heater, to hanging a light fixture or stopping a leak.


As membership grows we’re going to have a LOT of skills and talent under one roof!  We envision a Studio that showcases and utilizes the specific skill-sets of its members, offering them discounts and/or modest stipends to share what they know with other members AND the public. These could be anything and everything, from basic tool use to more specialized workshops like welding and CADD software programs.

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